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From composition, to editing, to photography and design services, I will use my expertise and experience to ensure that your projects showcase your business, products or abilities in the best possible way. Based in Bordeaux, but with clients in the US and the UK, I’m a native English speaker with years of experience writing and editing for business, education, and the non-profit sector. I’ve worked on websites, brochures, short courses and books, and am willing to take on projects from a few paragraphs to hundreds of pages.

I’ve also worked in photography and website development, and can help your business to look its very best, whether you need text or images for business cards or brochures, or content for a website. I take a traditional, yet clean approach to design; harmony of colour and form is critical to what I do, but is no less important than breathing space. More is not always better, but less may not necessarily be more. Each project has its own character, and I treat every client as an individual.

Whatever your creative vision, large or small, I’ll be excited to discuss how we can make it a reality, in words and in pictures. Sometimes, something as simple as a new perspective can make a world of difference to the impact of your projects, and I hope to use not only my technical abilities, but also my love of communication, the written word, and the power of imagery to help your ideas come to life.

Our Lovely World

How I can help you

I’m currently based near Bordeaux in France, but with a mobile design studio and a high-speed Internet connection, I can work wherever I am and, more importantly, wherever you are. I keep in regular e-mail, Skype, and phone contact with my clients, and am always available to answer questions: usually within a couple of hours.  

Writing and editing work is carried out with full awareness of the appropriate style and intended audience, and I’m always happy to work with clients to create something that embodies who they are, and what they want to say. In my time as a writer and editor, I’ve had a varied client base, and know very well that although a particular style may be relevant for one occasion, it might not suit another.

I use this same philosophy in my photographic work, and I always view every picture I take as a world unto itself. The nature of art deserves no less.


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Some of my recent work

“Without beauty, without form, without careful attention to the life of design, we cease to create, and we lose sight of who we are.”

“There is art  in every good sentence - art that must be grasped if the sentence is to be understood!”    ~Nietzsche

“When the words rearrange themselves, you know they’re in the right places.”

“A photograph contains the photographer’s entire world, at that moment.”

Writing and Design consultancy

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Composition and editing

Whether you need a full composition service for a website or brochure, or just editing of your already-written work, I will bring my passion for language and unique linguistic skill to every project.

Photography and Design

I can create a distinctive set of photographs for you, specifically tailored to your business, project, or endeavour. All of the pictures I take are carefully considered along with the overall design, for maximum aesthetic impact.

Website content creation

From replacing images, and editing or rewriting the text on a current website, to the creation of materials for a brand new, updated site: I will help you to present a modern, sophisticated image on the web.

Composition, Editing, photography and design - Bordeaux

All of the images on this site are my own. The background images show some of my larger-scale pieces; the gallery below highlights more close-up, intimate photos.  

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English Writer, Editor, and Photographer, Bordeaux